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Read through some of the glowing reviews of Sun Hill Training and discover why we are so loved! If you have any questions, call today. We'd be happy to help.

"Sarah... I have seen the way you run your barn, experienced the goodwill and camaraderie of your students, observed how well they (not to mention you!) ride, and seen the lovely way the horses you have trained perform. What more does one need to know?"
— Heidi

"I am in such admiration of how you have connected on a deep level with Dunc to discover and encourage the best in him. No one to date has been able to do that with him or for him. He's a great horse. You are an amazing rider. I am learning and growing. It's all good!"
— Sherri C.

"Thank you so very much for your was amazing the progress she made in just two sessions. You work magic with the horses... it is obvious you really care and take the time and patience to make it work. Wish I had started to work with you earlier."
— Joy R.

"I just wanted to say again, how much I appreciated the time you took to work with me and Pfalcon. Even though you didn't know who I was, or what kind of a rider I was, you agreed to come out and help us. It was so giving of your time, I can't thank you enough.

You have been another "light" that tells me that the wonderful journey of working with my horse classically, is the path to the harmony and lightness that I so want with Pfalcon. Your calm, non aggressive manner and your wonderful caring spirit for the horse, is very inspiring. You truly represent the "Classical Way".
— Sharon Ann

"Anouk and I are so lucky to have found you! She has come so far in such a short year and I love that you seem to love her as much as I do."
— Julie S.

"...calm quietness in his eyes. He is so ready to start, you have obviously done a great
job preparing him for his work. Not that I am a bit surprised. You are an amazing trainer, a great friend and above all you love our horses so...."
— Janet W.

"This is my trainer...Sarah Pinney. I started using her with my Western Quarter Horse because she will give you the most free flowing, forward moving horse, with a soft mouth and good manners. She gets a lot of classical dressage horses and Andalusians .... When I saw her at Lucidi Farms (when I was breaking my first horse) I saw something far more useful than just English riding. She loves horses more than anyone I know and has kindness towards their owners."
— Joyce J.

"Justi is soooooooooooooo wonderful and I am so blessed to have found you and brought you into his life. You have given him confidence and trust which allows him to be brave and even more caring not to mention so well mannered."
— Corey R.

"I have been wanting to thank you...we had a great day. You have a really wonderful group of people at your barn. It is a pleasure to be among such positive, hard-working horse people. Any barn is a reflection of the trainer, and yours is something to be proud of!"
— Heidi

"She rocks! So glad to have her in our lives! She's a true leader by example. The best trainer ever!"
— Alethia S.

"You are the greatest...I'm positive I couldn't find a more qualified and kind trainer in San Diego."
— Peggy R.

"He does so well with your guidance. I haven't seen anyone else who understands and can work with him like you."
— Maren T.